Trapeze Swing

Trapeze Swing, inflatable fear

Our Trapeze Swing will bring you to a new level of adrenalin. With the Krush KushioNZ® landing system, Jump, Swing and Fly safely without a harness! That's right, take a leap and swing just like a Professional Trapeze Artist, before free-falling from 14 feet up to the safety KushioNZ below.

The Trapeze is a constant air-flow system with Soft StairZ™ that brings you up to the swing pedestal. Grab hold of the swing bar and Swing Away! See if you can hit the target on the KushioNZ below.

Our Trapeze Swing is transported to your site and may be easily assembled. Patented self-standing Swing resets itself, ready for the next "go." The complete system weighs 2000 lbs and will take an estimated 2 hours for set up. Operational space requirements are listed below that need to be considered when choosing a set up location.

Technical Details

  • Swingers per Hour: 100
  • Max. Swingers: One at a time
  • Recommended Operating Space: 29ft wide x 52ft long x 26ft high
  • Simulator Weight: 2000 lbs
  • Power Requirements: (2) 110 V / 20 AMPS circuits
  • Set Up Time: 2 hour