Summer Camps

Trapeze Swing - a soft landing everytime

Summer camps love Summit Adventure Systems. Whether you would like to book us once for a special event or multiple times and make us a part of your activities programming, we'll be glad to be a part of what you offer to your campers.

In addition to the obvious fun of swinging from a Trapeze or trying to stand up inside a floating Hamster Ball, Summit's equipment can provide real personal development opportunities. A camper overcoming their fear of heights while scaling the Rock Climbing Wall all while their friends are cheering them on provides a feeling of accomplishment which will help kids really find out who they are and what they're capable of.

Our NEW Lazer Tag System teaches kids the value of teamwork, but is cleverly disguised as a commando-style shootout. Whether you want to have different cabins face off against each other or counselors vs. campers, you've got a myriad of options to setup competitions.

Summer Camp Packages

In addition to being available for one-time engagements, Summit Adventure Systems offers some very affordable packages to make our equipment a regular fixture at your camp.