School & Church Functions

Young boy Climbing the Rock Wall

Summit Adventure Systems has years of experience providing fun, memorable, and safe events for all ages. Wherever people gather, Summit Adventure Systems can setup an exciting attraction to entertain your event attendees for hours. Summit's equipment is entertaining for both participants and spectators... everyone gets involved.

One of the major values of the equipment which Summit offers is that it provides exciting, safe, active fun and gives participants the opportunity to overcome their fears and learn what they're truly capable of. Seeing a child (or adult) overcome their fear of heights as they scale the Rock Climbing Wall or launch themselves off of the Trapeze Swing is a special, memorable moment which Summit Adventure Systems is proud to be a part of. Don't forget that these experiences are exciting for the participant and their peers cheering them on. Summit's equipment is designed to be safe, challenging, and kid powered.

Summit Adventure Systems offers a wide variety of affordable packages. Also, if you are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, you get a 10% DISCOUNT. Take a look at out Rates page for the numbers.