Rock Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing Wall. A challenge for all ages.

Our rock wall challenges climbers to put on the harness and climb there way to the top! The wall has many realistic features to give climbers a real idea of what rock climbing offers! The 25 foot wall offers a great view of the event and will give every climber a sense of satisfaction knowing they challenged the rock wall and won!

The climbing wall has 'holds' bolted on to provide grips for hands and feet, as well as realistic rock features that are built into the walls. The walls have four exciting and challenging climbing routes of varying difficulty levels designed to provide climbers of all skill and age levels with the ability to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

After the climber is fitted into a harness, a safety rope is attached that then passes up the wall into an "Automatic Belay" safety device at the top. If the climber falls, the Auto Belay automatically engages to arrest the fall and slowly lower the climber to the ground. This automatic protection system provides the safest climbing experience.

Our climbing walls are transported to your site on a 28 foot flatbed trailer and can be set up in a matter of minutes with the use of an internal hydraulic system. The wall weighs around 5000lbs so moving it by hand is just not possible. Be sure to keep this in mind when you're picking out your location for us to avoid any last minute problems. Refer to our specs box below for measurements and space requirements.

Technical Details

  • Climber Weight Limits: 45-250 lbs
  • Max. Climbers: Up to 4 climbers
  • Climbers per Hour: 25
  • Climbing Surface Specifications: 25ft high, 8ft wide, 4 routes
  • Recommended Operating Space : 20ft wide x 35ft long (Minimum 16x30)
  • Simulator Weight: 5000 lbs
  • Setup Time: 20 Minutes
  • Power Requirements: None Required