Past Clients

Mid-Air split. PS. You don't have to be this flexible to enjoy our stuff

We think that one of the measures of a professional company with a valuable product is the people who have seen fit to hire that company. We've been fortunate enough to be a part of many amazing events over the past years. We've listed just a few of those below to give you an idea of the company we keep. Also, make sure to visit our Testimonials section to hear some of the things which these clients have to say.

  • Point Sebago Resort
  • Fryburg Fair
  • Hidden Valley Camp
  • Camp Manitou
  • Oxford Fair
  • Auburn Police Department
  • Great Falls Balloon Festival
  • Waterford Fair
  • Lost Valley Ski Area
  • New Market Heritage Festival
  • Hollis Center Baptist Church
  • Guy E. Rowe Elementary School