Our Staff

Having amazing equipment isn't enough. Anyone can buy a Rock Wall (or any of the other Extreme Sports Simulators which we operate), but it takes a truly special company to find and train the right kind of people... we are that company. Summit Adventure Systems makes sure that each of it's employees... the people who will be setting up, operating, and breaking down are well-informed, personable, and professional.

Our staff make sure that everything is safe and that everyone has a great time. Be it through humor or words of encouragement, Summit Adventure Systems keeps everyone in a good mood and makes sure that we get as many people on the equipment as possible.

Take a look at some of our key players below:

Jeff Hunnewell Jeff Hunnewell head shot

Jeff is the brains and brawn behind Summit Adventure Systems. Motivated by the desire to see kids choose active thrills rather than planting themselves in front of the TV, Jeff has been referred to as the "safest extreme guy in the industry." An avid outdoors man and entrepreneur, Jeff spends a lot of time researching (playing with) new equipment to ensure that Summit Adventure Systems is on the cutting edge of Extreme Sports Simulations.