Lazer Tag

Lazer Tag Rentals in Maine

Lazer Tag gives you the chance to team up with your friends and try to outmaneuver, outsmart, and outplay the opposing team. A combination of tag and hide and seek, Lazer Tag is a fast-paced game where each player is given a sensor vest and a laser gun. The basic concept is simple... if an opposing team's laser makes contact with your vest, you're out. But when you throw in the complication of obstructions and the strategies of working as a team, you get active entertainment for hours.

Games can be structured in a number of ways:

Team Elimination
How well can you work with a team? Work together to eliminate all the players on the opposing team. The team which lasts the longest wins.
Capture the Flag
Just like the traditional outdoor game. The goal is to capture a flag in your enemy's territory and return it safely to your own base without being hit.
Last man standing wins, you can buddy up with a friend but watch your back… there can only be one survivor.
Custom Games
You can also design your own custom games using the Lazer Tag system

Technical Details

  • Participant requirements: 30lbs to 250lbs (must be able to support and fit the vest properly)
  • Maximum: up to 12 players per game, 5 minute game
  • Operating Space: 35'x40' on flat ground
  • Simulator Weight: 650lbs
  • Set up time: 1 hour
  • Power Requirements: 110v outlet within 50' of operating space