Four Station Bungee Trampoline

Four Station Bungee Trampoline

Jump, flip, and live out your dreams of being an acrobat or kangaroo or other jumping, flipping thing. Summit Adventure System's Four Station Bungee Trampoline is great, active fun for ages 6 to 86.

Soaring through the air, nearly 15 feet above the ground, the Bungee Trampoline is an exhilarating and memorable experience. With four stations, this is a perfect piece of equipment for day-long events such as festivals, fairs, or parties. These stations can accommodate up to 50 jumpers per hour, ensuring that everyone who wants to take part in this unique experience can get a chance.

The Four Station Bungee Trampoline offers quick setup and breakdown times and is sure to draw a crowd of participants and spectators at your event.

Technical Details

  • Participant Weight Limits: 30-200 lbs
  • Max Jumpers: 4
  • Jumpers Per Hour: 50
  • Recommended Operating Space : 30ft wide x 40ft long
  • Simulator Weight: 1600 lbs
  • Setup Time: 45 Minutes to 1 hour
  • Power Requirements: 110 Required