Corporate Events

Our equipment is perfect for Corporate Parties or Team Building exercises

Summit Adventure Systems is a perfect accompaniment to a company parties, team building exercise, or celebration of any type. Our Equipment is mobile... it comes to you, wherever you are, and can give your employees and their families a unique and exciting activity at your event.

Company Parties

You're planning your next company party. You've booked the location, the food, and a DJ, but you're looking for that little something extra which will make this event more memorable than the others. Look no further.

Summit Adventure Systems provides the unique experience which will put your event over the top. Watching a manager struggle to stay standing inside of a floating Hamster Ball while, right next to him, a nine year old girl (the daughter of someone from accounting) is able to run, jump, and dance with no trouble is certain to provide some smiles and some water cooler discussion topics.

While most adults will be content to eat, drink, and listen to music... how do you setup activities for the kids? Simple, let us do it for you. We can run a Lazer Tag tournament, have them jump 20 feet in the air with our Bungee Trampoline, or race to the top of our Rock Climbing Wall. Let's just say that, when you bring Summit Adventure Systems into the mix, you've got a lot of options.

Team Building

Corporate team building has become a necessary, but difficult to plan business tool. How do you build camaraderie amongst employees without resorting to the "warm and fuzzy" group hugs and trust falls? You do it with Summit Adventure Systems.

How about pitting one department against another in a Lazer Tag tournament? Or have your warehouse manager compete against your CEO in a race to the top of the Rock Climbing Wall? There are a wide variety of ways to use Summit Adventure System's equipment and expertise to strengthen bonds amongst employees and make your company into the tight-knit group which you're looking for.